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     Success Stories: Japan subscribers compete in industries as diverse as technology, internet services, retailing, medical equipment, software, financial services, pharmaceuticals, environmental services, food, insurance, industrial equipment, auto parts, business and consumer services, and consumer goods.  They are based in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, and Latin America, and are primarily Directors or Vice Presidents of International, Asia/Pacific or Japan Sales; international business development and M&A executives; Representative Directors in Japan; CEOs of small- and medium-sized companies; and government officials and professional service firms that need to stay on top of the latest strategies for success in Japan.

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Here's what some of our subscribers say about Success Stories: Japan:

     "I would like you to know that I have enjoyed the articles very much."

     -Managing Director, Global Principal Investments, Merrill Lynch & Co., Tokyo (Renewed Subscriber)

     "By far the best publication on Japanese business I've ever seen."

     -President, Japan, Major Consumer Products Firm, Tokyo

     "Just wanted to commend you on the excellent interview of Wilbur Ross in your November issue of Success Stories: Japan…You should do more of this..."

     -Professor, International and Strategic Management, University of Western Australia, Nedlands, Australia (Recent Subscriber)

     "At my former company, a major consumer marketing and credit card brand, we already had a major staff presence on the ground in Japan that regularly counseled us on market approaches.  But now we use Success Stories: Japan to gather insights on what other companies, including our competitors, are doing there, to make sure we're not missing anything."

     -Todd Daum, Vice President, Marketing,, Hong Kong

     "Success Stories: Japan was a great find for us!  Japan is our toughest market, so we need all the help we can get.  A few months back an article on the Fukuoka region helped us re-think our whole marketing focus there, and literally saved us tens of thousands of dollars we could have wasted."

     -Al Talbot, President, PC Helps Support, Inc. Pennsylvania, USA

     "I was particularly impressed by your website and the depth of coverage relating to successful companies entering the Japanese market."

     -Manager, Corporate Knowledge, Major Management Consulting Firm, Tokyo (Recent Subscriber)

     "I just received my first issue of Success Stories: Japan, and an excellent publication it is."

     -Manager of Consultancy and Training, Software Firm, Marlborough, Wilts, United Kingdom (Recent Subscriber)

     "I like your newsletter!"

     -Irene Jackson Schon, Japan Airlines, New York, USA

     "Your publication is a rich resource of information for us, and complements our research capabilities well. We especially appreciate the "Specialist Offers Advice" column, which allows us to identify Japan experts in particular industries who have had long experience in the market.  Thank you for being a resource for us."

     -Stephen P. Groff, Mission Leader, Agriculture & Social Sectors Department (East), Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines

     "Personally, I like the anecdotal approach to describing the Japanese market and the opportunities which exist for US exporters.  Using this same format, I hope your plans succeed in identifying other markets to cover."

     -Jerry Smith, President, Transcon Trading Company, South Carolina, USA and Chairman, Small Business Exporters' Association

     "The difference between Success Stories: Japan and other publications is that you're much more detailed in the kind of information you provide, versus the useless generalities you normally find in international business publications and expensive market reports.  The detail must be hard to get, so we appreciate it all the more."

     -Hamilton Southworth III, Associate, Corporate Finance Practice, Brobeck and Phleger, California, USA

     "There's no doubt that Success Stories: Japan is a very valuable product if you're at all involved in working with the Japanese. The specific profiles of foreign companies in Japan really do highlight issues we need to be aware of, from marketing and regulatory issues to culture. The Japanese still prefer using cash to credit cards, but we're working to change that!"

     -Lawrence K. Miller, Vice President, Commercial Card Products, Diners Club International, Illinois, USA

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