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Highlights: September 2006 Issue

Looking for the Best Ways in Direct Response TV: The Guthy-Renker Japan Story

Guthy-Renker Japan is bringing some of its successful strategies in direct response television advertising to Japan.  Although it's a private company, its Japan direction in marketing cosmetics and skin creams is revealed in this in-depth profile with the head of its Japan operations.  Watch out DHC, Fancl, Dr. Ci:Labo, Prime Network and Oaklawn.

Kameda Medical Center: What Aspects of a Great Hospital to Emulate?

Much has already been written about Kameda Medical Center, a private hospital group that has established a reputation for being leading-edge and has been upgrading its capabilities and infrastructure for years.  By almost any measure, Kameda would seem to deserve its ranking (in surveys conducted annually by Nikkei, Asahi and others) among Japan's top hospitals.  But what are the standards by which the best Japanese hospitals should be judged?  We talk about Kameda and explore that question in this insightful discussion on the state of hospital competition in Japan, in light of the scheduled opening of Johns Hopkins in Tokyo and the models defined by Mayo Clinic and others.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Think Small, Stand Tall, Don't Fall: Japan's Growing MEMS Market"

If you don't know about Pimites, HOAP-2, and FR-II, you will definitely find this specialist contribution to be valuable.   This month's specialist contributor is a managing director at semiconductor engineering firm Tegal Japan who is intensely-focused on the upcoming battle among Japanese innovators in the market for microelectrical-mechanical (MEMS) devices.   What are Denso, Fujitsu, Yaskawa, Seiko Epson, Toyota, Oki Electric, Yokogawa Electric, Matsushita and others planning for the robotics, automotive systems, motion control, mobile phone, machine tool and eldercare markets?  It's not just about robotics, it's about a technology which will affect almost every kind of consumer device and appliance in the coming years. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Coffee maker DyDo Drinco's D-1 is a hit; JCB and Discover credit card deal favors both in the US, neither in Japan; Etc.

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