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Highlights: September 2002 Issue

Vodafone Japan: Now in Control

Japan has always been a critical testing ground for technology, services and ideas to support wireless carrier Vodafone's worldwide ambitions in mobile telephony.   Now, almost a year after finally taking control of J-Phone and Japan Telecom, Vodafone has crafted a plan to improve both units, and that plan's implementation is now the focus.  This is the story of Vodafone Japan as told by its Asian Regional head, and how the company's experiences with J-Phone and Japan Telecom are being evaluated for use in its other worldwide markets.  Frequently proclaiming its 'firsts' in Japan's mobile market (e.g. first mobile messaging service), Vodafone now seeks no less than the most important 'first': to be Japan's #1 wireless carrier.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Recent Trends in Foreign Retailer Success in Japan"

When Japanese retailers reported this spring the financial results for their latest fiscal year, the results might have surprised executives around the world.   Because a number of these retailers, consumer product firms, and companies supporting these industries announced record sales and profits.  And the results have been just as good among a select group of foreign retailers with good formulas and strong market focuses.  This month our specialist contributor, an experienced Japan retail developer and consultant, shares his views on some of the key success factors for foreign retailers in Japan.

To Know Where We're Headed, It Pays to Recall Where We've Been

When we started this publication in September, 1997, we had little idea how well-received an incisive, Japan-oriented senior management publication, written in a Western style, would be.  In a retrospective marking our five year anniversary, we provide a small selection of statements, predictions and analyses from prior issues designed to remind us all of where we've been, and how far we've come.  From Wilbur Ross and Nestle Japan CEO Wolfgang Reichenberger to LDP Congressman Jin Murai and Shiseido CEO Gemma (and many, many more), many of Japan's leading businessfolk sound off on their goals and strategies.  Remember Big Bang?  Yamaichi's failure?  Softbank's hubris?  The views of those who participated first hand are all here. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

P&G seeks technology and an expanded relationship with one of its Japan packaging vendors; On the heels of its success with Esquire Japan, Hearst is poised to launch another of its magazine titles with a Kansai-based publisher; Etc.

From the Editors

Five Years Later...

Plus much more...

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