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Highlights: October 2008 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Under-the-Radar Technology (Part Two)

Japan may in fact be the home of a great number of centers of excellence in technology research in specific fields.  In Part Two of our Special Report on Japan’s under-the-radar technologies, we highlight additional R&D developments in Japan of great significance -- of which only a few outside the country have taken notice.

Technology developments in energy efficiency, in food ingredients, in MEMS and mobile technology, in nanotech, in industrial engineering -- these and more are listed and discussed.

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Credit Crunch Japan: Winners and Losers Already

Less than a year into the effects of the credit crunch in Japan, and already there are some winners and losers.  We exclusively highlight them and discuss the likely medium- and longer-term effects.  Which Japanese banks will be winners or losers?  More signficantly, which financial industry policies and pressure points will likely have improved or diminished position?

As the credit crunch continues in the coming months, we will continue to reveal critical issues of importance to Japan stemming from it and its effects.  Using our extensive financial industry and government contacts in Washington, Tokyo, New York, London and other locales, no other source can offer you our exclusive perspective on the many fast-moving developments.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "How to Have a Clear Hiring Strategy for Japan"

When your company needs to build its staff in Japan, how should it proceed?  Hiring university graduates, young professionals and mid-career veterans is alot more complex than it used to be.   The traditional recruiting season is changing, and so are traditional practices in interviewing, compensation, and structuring offers.   But there are some things a foreign company, even a small one, can do to attract quality staffers for its Japan operation.  Our specialist this month explains what those things are. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Indonesian Free Trade Agreement with Japan is All About Energy and Imported Labor; Zeiss Planetarium in Hokkaido is an Investment For a Different Purpose; Etc.

From the Editors

Tell the Citizens that Japan Remains Solid

Plus much more...

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