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Highlights: October 2006 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Changing Opportunities in Japan Real Estate

In our Special Report on the changing dynamics in Japan's real estate industry, we focus on where the opportunities in the next few years will be now that investment-grade properties in central Tokyo can no longer be had at a discount.   Plus, Japanese as well as gaijin veterans of Japan's real estate industry weigh in with their opinions and insights.  Also included -- a discussion of the nature of opportunities in national and local government asset sales.

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Companies and topics mentioned and discussed in our Special Report include: DaVinci Advisors, Japan Post, Urban Renaissance Agency, Kenedix, Pacific Management, Zecs Co., Urban Corporation, Re-Plus, Arealink, Simplex, Recrm Research, tokutei mokuteki kaisha and yugen kaisha accounting, golf courses, hotels, shopping centers, ski resorts, private equity, hospitals, roadside retailing, nursing homes, Investment Services Law, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsui Fudosan, Soil Contamination Law, MHS Capital Partners, Yamato Seimei building, JP Morgan Trust Bank, Shinsei Trust & Banking, Shuwa-Shiba Park building, J-REITs, ANA Hotels, Darwin, Orix Asset Management, logistics, highways, Nomura Real Estate, the FSA, Vivit Square Mall, Building Standards Law, Goldman Sachs, Korona Group, cinema construction, ryokan, Gaia Co., pachinko parlors, Phoenix Seagaia resort, Toho, Toei, Goodwill Group, Sigma Gain, Invoice Inc., Court Hotels, SPCs, Orix J-REIT, Tokyo Metropolitan government, Kita-Shinjuku precinct redevelopment, land remediation, Tokaimura nuclear protest, government asset sales, Macquarie Bank, horse racing courses, meeting halls, agricultural land, beaches, Ripplewood, municipal real estate, and Mori Building Co.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Deals That Never Close, and Why" (Part One)

In this two-part specialist article, the authors, both investment bankers with an experienced Japan-focused advisory firm, explore the main reasons why M&A initiatives in Japan -- some of them with real value-adding potential -- sometimes die an early death.  This month, in Part One, they discuss ill-conceived transactions, process-killer issues that frequently arise in Japanese corporates, and issues related to typically more deliberative Japanese decision-making. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Could It Be Goodbye to Marvel Japan?...and Hello to LCD-TV Maker Syntax-Brillian?; Campbell Soup Japan Survives Company Review, for Now; Etc.

From the Editors

North Korean Missile Launch Will Stimulate Japanese Defense Industry...

Plus much more...

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