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Highlights: November 2007 Issue

A Merged Company Tries to Raise Its Profile: Nokia Siemens Networks Japan

Even though Nokia and Siemens did not mention Japan at all in the announcement of their global merger, Japan’s carriers are again experimenting with innovations in wireless, fixed-mobile convergence (linking together the features of landline and mobile phones) and next-generation mobile technologies in a way that offers substantial risks, and rewards, to telecom equipment providers who link up with them.  NSN Japan's president details the specific partnerships and technologies in Japan on which the newly-formed company is focusing.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Japanese Management Leads to Edge in IP Cultivation" (Part Two)

Last month, Part One of this two-part specialist contribution discussed how Japanese firms are both more protective of their existing IP assets, and more focused on thinking about them strategically so as to maximize the revenue they can gain from them.   But the role Japanese management plays in cultivating valuable research is frequently overlooked, and is the focus of Part Two.  Scholars on both sides of the Pacific say market watchers have over-reacted in their condemnation of Japanese managers.   They even suggest that traditional management techniques are providing Japanese firms with an edge in intangible asset cultivation.

Read Part Two of this insightful discussion about Japanese intellectual property.

An Insurer Prepares Gibraltar for the Bank Channel: The Prudential Japan Story

Life Planners.  Life Advisors.  When an insurance firm in Japan has a multi-channel distribution strategy for its products, it needs to distinguish its various salesforces and brands from each other.  Such is the case for Prudential Japan and its Japan brand Gibraltar, each with its own completely separate salesforce, distribution channels and product offerings.  Prudential Japan's president offers insight into the firm's local strategy once bank distribution of insurance products is completely liberalized next month.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Shire Japan's business grows; Neo Market Finally Gets a Listing; US Software Firm Wins Business From Japanese Baseball's Orix Buffaloes; Etc.

From the Editors

A Japanese Style of Conducting Business?...The Scandal Surrounding Dentsu America

Plus much more...

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