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Highlights: November 2006 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Mobile Comics, Mobile Online Games and 3G Rich Games

Companies are finally taking their 3G content businesses into the market and experimenting to see what works.  In our Special Report on mobile comics, mobile online gaming and 3G rich games in Japan, we examine trends in these emerging mobile content markets, and explore in-depth the specific strategies of two of the most interesting of the dozens of firms targeting these opportunities in Japan: G-Mode Co. and BBMF.

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Companies and topics mentioned and discussed in our Special Report include: NTT Solmare, Toppan Printing, Shueisha, Gentosha Comics, Hakusensha, Ishinomori Entertainment, Bandai, Sony, Disney, G-Mode Co., BBMF, GungHo Entertainment, Nikko AntFactory, Softbank, Nikko Cordial, Telefonica, Bouygues, FarEastOne, SmartOne, Atlus Co., Takara, Megami Tensei, KDDI, NTT DoCoMo, Softbank Mobile, Red Pegasus, Murakami Motoka, Bajin Mama, Virgin Mother, Murao Mio, Bitway, Ragnarok Online, Playstation, Xbox, manga, Shanda Entertainment, NHN, Actoz, Gravity Inc., DDD Group, MMOPRGs, and Celsys.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Deals That Never Close, and Why" (Part Two)

In the second part of this two-part specialist contribution, the authors, both investment bankers with an experienced Japan-focused advisory firm, explore the main reasons why M&A initiatives in Japan -- some of them with real value-adding potential -- sometimes die an early death.  This month, they discuss problems like having too many targets, looking for sellers when the timing is wrong, process-killer issues that frequently arise in Japanese corporates, too-early deal rejection, and issues related to typically more deliberative Japanese decision-making.

Next Up: Cisco and Next-Generation IP -- Scientific-Atlanta Acquisition Part of Big Plans

US-based Scientific-Atlanta is today tiny in Japan compared to where it wishes to be.  But its acquisition by internet equipment giant Cisco earlier this year, combined with the expected growth and spread of digital and internet protocol (IP) technologies, could make it a much more important Japan player in the next few years.   Already Yahoo! Japan and NTT's Plala Networks are among those experimenting with IP-delivered content offerings.  See how Cisco and Scientific-Atlanta plan to integrate in Japan and how they plan to be a leader in this about-to-emerge technology opportunity in IP-based content delivery. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Pfizer Japan and Merck Banyu: Back to Business After Japanese Union Troubles?; Sazaby League Offers Fashion Brands as an Alternative; Etc.

From the Editors

New York, New York...

Plus much more...

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