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Highlights: November 2005 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Emerging Generic Drug Industry

Key ministries are considering modifications to regulations so as to encourage the prescribing and dispensing of generics.  A number of significant branded drugs are set to lose their exclusivity in the next few years.  And a number of foreign pharmaceutical firms have taken or are rumored to be negotiating for stakes in local generics firms.  All this has some industry observers serious considering for the first time the possibility that real generic competition in Japan is likely to arrive soon.  In this Special Report, we go deep into some of the industry's most nettlesome fundamentals to explore the wide variety of issues that come along with such a momentous change.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Tapping Into the Japanese Mobile Economy" (Part Two)

There's an overwhelming amount of material available to executives these days about Japan's mobile phone market and the wide variety of opportunities it offers beyond simple voice calls.  That's why we turn to Craig Will, the former head of Palm Japan, who learned his lessons the hard way during his time there.  In Part Two of his two-part specialist contribution, Will this month offers more specific suggestions as to how your company can transform its business by better understanding what the opportunities are in Japan's mobile market and how to tackle them.  This is a two-part article not to be missed by anyone interested in where Japan's mobile market has been, and also where it's headed, as a wide variety of private companies offering innovative applications and solutions make their presence felt.

It's All About Having the Right Stores: The Timberland Japan Story

Its casual shoe competitors in Japan include brands as diverse as Merrell, Ecco, Clarks, Hush Puppies and Burberry Black Label, not to mention dominant athletic brands like Nike and Adidas.  It runs most of its Japan operations from its Asian HQ in Singapore.  Its local presence in apparel, handbags and watches is practically non-existent.  And yet, Timberland is focused on making its namesake brand one of the top casual shoe brands in Japan, not only in sales but also in brand awareness.  Here, Timberland's top Asian executive spells out a multi-tiered strategy for growth in Japan that is well-conceived and, so far, well-executed.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

More capital for contract research provider Moss Institute; Tough times for Precision Valve; Etc.

From the Editors

Temp Workers: Too Much of a Good Thing?...

Plus much more...

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