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Highlights: May 2004 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Could the Coming Decade Be the Time for Japanese Brands?

What is the health status of Japanese brands as Japan emerges from over a decade of recession?  And what are the chances that tens of thousands of quality Japanese brands, many still familiar only to local consumers, can become truly global over the coming decade?  Answering these questions is the topic of our Special Report, in which we describe some of the challenges Japanese brands face in competing globally.  But we also find that the coming decade offers the best opportunity that Japanese brands have ever had to emerge from being national to international champions.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Most Important Best Practices for Foreign Tech Firms" (Part One)

"Personally, I find one point fascinating about foreign business in Japan," writes our specialist this month, a long-time consultant to small and medium-sized European and US firms trying to make it in Japan.  "Size and a famous brand do not a priori guarantee success."  Indeed, when it comes to Japan, "even if a foreign company starts small, it needs to be prepared to be huge."  Is that how your company thinks of Japan?  In this first of a two-part contribution, our specialist challenges traditional thinking on many fronts, including corporate expansion, and offers new ways for your company, large or small, to think realistically about its Japan opportunity.  

They're Hiring!: The Quintiles Japan Story

At the forefront of changes in Japan's pharmaceutical market, including drug approvals, bridge studies, expansions beyond Japan, and the potential for more pharmaceutical M&A activity in the domestic market, one private-equity backed company has more business than it can find employees to handle.  US-based Quintiles Transnational has a unique view on the goals and ambitions of its clients in Japan, which include domestic pharma companies, global pharma giants, as well as the many emerging biotech venture companies.  With the likelihood that it will grow 20-30 percent annually in Japan for many years, Quintiles Japan is also on a path to emerge with more than just substantial profits.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Bank of Japan joins others investing with Highbridge Capital; Toppan Printing acts as international agent for small firms back home; More on Lionbridge Japan, including more details on Microsoft's top twenty independent software vendors (ISVs) in Japan; Etc.

From the Editors

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