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Highlights: May 2002 Issue

Herbalife Japan: Trying to Restore Growth in a Major Market

With 140,000 distributors in Japan, Herbalife counts on Japan to provide significant sales volume as well as insight into consumer trends.  But increasing competition from other network marketing companies and nutritional and personal care product companies has forced the company to improve the way it does business.    Herbalife Japan's president discusses the company's goals and the methods it is using to restore growth in its second largest market.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Disruption: How the Mobile Internet is Changing Competition in Japan"

How is the disruptive technology of the mobile internet changing the nature of competition in Japanese industry?  Our specialist this month focuses on six specific applications which show how the mobile internet is beginning to transform the way traditional industries in Japan do business.  Mobile phones as marketing channels.   As key elements in integrated marketing.  Navigation services that are already working.  How IC card functions are really working in phones.  The movement to PDAs.  And he discusses some relatively unknown companies that are about to become known in a major way.

Variable Annuities Come to Japan: Are Investors Ready?

Hartford Life Japan, the third largest life insurance company in the US, is attempting to become a major player in what it hopes will be a major market for variable annuities, an insurance product with investment features.  But many a financial firm has entered Japan in recent years with high hopes that were later dashed by the conservative nature of Japanese savers.   So the growth will have to be proven.  Hartford's Japan chairman discusses the company's products and its approach.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

CDP Capital seeks real estate, other deals in Japan; Japan stock research grows, even as the market doesn't; Etc.

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