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Highlights: March 2007 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Twelve Private, Unlisted Companies Set to Outperform in 2007

In our second annual special report on independent, unlisted companies of significance in Japan, we consulted with a wide range of our own sources as well as industry observers and Japan-focused corporate executives, to select twelve companies across a variety of sectors that seem, from our research, to be on their way to an excellent result in 2007.   Each of these companies, either because of its size, its innovations, its well-recognized brands, or its strong execution, has built or is building a strong foundation for growth that could last for years at rates which could exceed those of more well-known, listed companies.  This is one of our most sought-after features on an area of Japan's economy that is often overlooked, and is exclusive to our publication.  This year's list of twelve includes companies in the following sectors: heating and ventilation (HVAC), resort and leisure real estate, musical instruments, direct marketing of cosmetics, equipment for kaiten sushi restaurants, home furnishings and bedding, oceanographic instrumentation and defense equipment, machine tools, recycling shops, printing, biotech, and specialty construction.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Understanding the Evolution of the Otaku Concept, and How to Market to Otaku"

Few consumer companies, Japanese or foreign, have succeeded in, or even focused on, how to market their goods to otaku, Japan's infamous subculture of jaded, individualistic youth.  Perhaps one reason is that doing so requires an approach antithetical to most corporations -- appearing to not want their goods known and distributed to as many as possible.  So, this issue we are proud to offer the views of an emerging expert on otaku culture, who first explains the humble origins and unique belief systems underlying otaku attitudes, then suggests how companies might best position their products to possibly be 'discovered' by this influential group.

An Under-Reinsured Market and Risk Swaps Too: The Swiss Re Japan Story

Reinsurance is, essentially, insurance for insurance companies, and Swiss Re is one of the largest reinsurers in the world.  In Japan, the company is attempting to bring solutions to domestic insurance company clients that not only lead to innovative, securitization-based transactions, but also to risk-sharing deals and 'bread-and-butter business.  The CEO of Swiss Re's Japan branch discusses the companies broad objectives for growth as well as specific deals in this still-maturing market.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Ellis and Ebner's Japan Stakes May Only Be a First Step -- More of our Exclusive Identification of Important Under-the-Radar Investors in Japan.

From the Editors

Non-Japanese Insurers in Japan: Relax!...

Plus much more...

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