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Highlights: March 2005 Issue

Foreign Insurer's Legacy Helps Japan Insurance Giant Millea

Most of the time the benefits arising from the success of a foreign company offering products in a sector that is completely new to Japan accrues to that foreign firm.  But occasionally, the foreign firm abandons its small but growing and successful Japan business, believing that full-fledged expansion in Japan will require too many capital and management resources.   Then a Japanese company acquires the business' strong foundation and reaps the benefits from its already-established network.  Such is the case with Millea Holding's Tokio Marine & Nichido Financial Life Co. (TMNFL), the new name for what until recently had been Skandia Life Insurance (Japan).  This is the story of how Skandia's legacy, a bit more than a year after its acquisition, is helping Millea compete in variable annuities.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "What China's Rising Network Entertainment Industry Means for Japan" (Part Two)

As Japan’s gaming industry looks to China for new customer and business models, it also must face its new realities. In Part Two of a two-part discussion of business issues facing foreign videogame makers in China, our specialist contributor, a former industry staffer and academic with close ties to the industry, shows how a dispute over intellectual property created chaos among Chinese and Asian online gaming firms.  And he offers some lessons for online network industry executives in Japan and elsewhere that wish to avoid the same problems.

Exclusive Interview: Catching Up on Hitachi

Technology giant Hitachi is undergoing drastic change as it re-orients itself to compete in selected areas with high-growth potential.  From storage to power to automotive equipment and consumer electronics, the company has been busy restructuring its businesses and increasing its presence in promising markets like China.   We asked one of Hitachi's executive officers (shikkouyaku senmu) to discuss Hitachi's worldwide businesses and future direction in an exclusive interview.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Watson Wyatt adjusts to the needs of Corporate Japan; Opportunities for foreign emergency equipment providers; Etc.

From the Editors

Cross-border M&A stock swaps will not be what gets Corporate Japan's attention...

Plus much more...

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