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Highlights: March 2002 Issue

Special Report: Is There Any Cause for Optimism About Japan?

What’s the reality for businesses on the ground in Japan? Is it a time for giving in, or digging in?  We recently surveyed some of the thousands of Japan-oriented executives around the world who are responsible for growing their company’s businesses in Japan, or advising those who are.  We asked them for their views about prospects for their Japan businesses going forward, which companies they admire, and how, if at all, they have been adjusting operations or strategy to improve their market positions.  Indeed, the general consensus was that the situation in Japan is not quite as hopeless as some, including many Japanese, would have us believe.

Lexmark Japan: It's Got Its Ear to the Ground

It’s rare to find a major foreign company in Japan so adept at controlling its expenses, but Lexmark Japan excels in the execution.  By keeping staff levels variable and outsourcing many non-essential functions, Lexmark also increases its operational flexibility.  Those responsible for the profitability of their Japan-based operations will find many ideas to consider here for themselves.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "What's Next for Japan's Pharmaceutical Industry? -- Lessons from Taisho-Tanabe" (Part One)

The recent announcement of the Roche-Chugai merger may have triggered buzz about consolidation in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, but the collapse of the Taisho-Tanabe merger holds poignant lessons for Western executives contemplating M&A in Japan. This first of a two-part series, our specialist addresses problems Taisho and Tanabe faced from an internal rather than strategic perspective.  The lessons to be learned have relevance far beyond the pharmaceutical industry.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Gymboree struggles to find a partner; NetYear Group adjusts to different times; Morgan Stanley's McAlinden likes what he sees in Japan;  Biomedical company withdraws from Japan; E! television visits Japan; Etc.

From the Editors

Opportunities abound...

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