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Highlights: June 2008 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: What Japan Means to Goldman Sachs

Of course you may be aware that Goldman Sachs is one of the most influential financial firms in Japan, with leading positions and increasing activity in everything from private equity and principal investing to sovereign finance, energy trading, energy investment, real estate, derivatives trading and asset management.  It also has a top-ranked Japan equity research and economics group, and an investment bank that serves the Ministry of Finance as well as a plurality of Japan's largest conglomerates.

What's less apparent, however, is that Goldman is now as accepted in Japan as Nomura and Daiwa, as influential as Norinchukin and Nippon Life, and may have as many direct and indirect local holdings as a Mitsubishi or a Sumitomo.  If you think Goldman's high-profile ownership or tie-ups with the likes of Accordia, Hoshino, JHR, SMFG, Sanyo, eAccess, and Norinchukin are the extent of its Japan activity, our feature will reveal much more -- some of the many foreign clients it quietly serves in Japan, some of the lesser-known Japanese companies and properties it owns, names for some of its most active legal entities, even some of the new opportunities it's focusing on now.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Lessons in How Japan Reduced Traffic Deaths from Motorcycles"

Throughout the Asia-Pacific region, an important business war is being fought between hundreds of motorcycle manufacturers, and their product is fuelling both explosive motorization and a grievous public health crisis. Although not explored until recently, the precedent for this pattern of development is Japan’s own 20th-century experience of rapid, two-wheeled motorization.  Learn about how Japanese society, government, and industry joined together over decades to reduce traffic deaths from motorcycles, and what those lessons suggest about other emerging Asian markets facing health issues tied to rapid economic development.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

New Eco-Housing Brand Comes Out of Tostem-Inax Merger; Why .jp Is So Secure; Ignorance of Muslims Not Limited to Anime Creators.

From the Editors

Coming to an Investor Presentation Near You: Japanese Municipal Debt

Plus much more...

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