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Highlights: June 2005 Issue

Door-to-Door Sales and a Traditional Style: The Bose Japan Story

The growth of Bose Japan demonstrates what is possible when a high-value brand is supported by constant technological innovation and steady management.  Privately-held audio electronics firm Bose Japan provides sound equipment for consumers, the professional segment and the automotive industry in Japan, including home speaker and theatre systems; sound systems for concert halls, schools, studios and shops; and high-end car stereo systems.  Even during the worst years of Japan's recession, sales increased every year due to Bose Japan's intelligent understanding of different marketing channels and the product needs of each.  This profile will be of especially high interest to Japan managers of retail, electronics, automotive, B to B and consumer industries.  Order it today by clicking on 'How to Subscribe' at left! 

A Specialist Offers Advice: "A Smorgasboard of Things to Know If You're Running a Firm in Japan" (Part Three)

In the third and final part of the first-ever three-part contribution to the A Specialist Offers Advice column in our history, our contributor, a long-time consultant on labor, compensation and workforce issues in Japan, discusses a wide variety of traditional Japanese compensation and overtime practices that are being challenged as well as transformed by domestic workers, legal reforms as well as forward-looking companies, and shows how these changes will almost certainly affect your Japan business.  Is unpaid overtime a problem in your firm?  Is compensation for flextime an issue?  Is board composition a puzzle now that outside board members are on the increase?  Our writer tackles all these issues and more.  All three parts of this article (the first two were in April and May) are of significant interest to Japan managers whose businesses rely on a sizable and/or traditional labor force.  We encourage readers to let us know their view and thoughts on each part.

Daimler Chrysler Japan: Now It's All About Profitability

When a foreign car brand in Japan attains a certain level of relatively steady business, it can choose to maximize profitability instead of, or along with, just trying to maximize sales growth and market share.  Such is the case with Daimler Chrysler Japan (DCJ) and its brands ranging from Mercedes and Chrysler/Jeep to Maybach and Smart.  Daimler's top Japan executive discusses how DCJ is now focused on attaining goals that are still mostly out of reach for other foreign car marketers in Japan.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Might combinatorial chemistry be the answer for Japan pharma?  The private company discussed in this article, along with its competitors like Albany Molecular and others we name, change the whole ball game for Japan's largest domestic pharma companies, because their offerings and nanotechnology significantly lower the cost of R&D for domestic drug firms and therefore eliminate the main reason why observers have argued that Japan's pharma companies need to merge in the coming years with global pharmaceutical giants.  Already Sankyo, Kyorin, Takeda and Teijin are among those who have signed up with the relatively unknown companies developing compelling technologies in this area.  Get this exclusive insight on a compelling trend in Japan's pharm industry!     

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