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Highlights: June 2004 Issue

A Japanese Company in All But Name: The Nihon Unisys Story

When Nihon Unisys was founded as a Japanese joint venture back in 1958, it is doubtful that its management at the time could have foreseen how deeply the firm would weave itself into Japan's culture of corporate giants.  Yet almost 50 years later, the firm is heavily involved in enabling many of the country's most dynamic commercial initiatives, from secure supply chain and safe commerce projects for convenience store chains, to card-based, loyalty systems for railroads and efficient transaction capabilities in banks and securities firms.  Nihon Unisys is a Japanese company in all but name, and observers of corporate Japan's direction will be very interested to learn where it is headed next.  

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Most Important Best Practices for Foreign Tech Firms" (Part Two)

Although every company's situation and goal in Japan is distinct, there are a number of ways to place your company in the best position to succeed in this market. In this second of a two-part feature, our specialist contributor draws from several specific examples, as well as his own firm's wealth of experience assisting foreign technology firms in Japan, to show that coherent strategic thinking and paying attention to Japan's unique landscape opens up opportunities that are often not available in other markets.

A Small Company Does What It Must: The Entegris Japan Story

US-based Entegris Inc. is not just a provider of high-tech shipping and storage materials for the semiconductor industry.  Its Japan activities actually serve as an example of the kind of things bold small companies must do to give themselves opportunities to reap enormous rewards in Japan's technology-based industries, such as wafer manufacturing, fuel-cell development, computer storage and biotech.  Entegris Japan has partnered as well as acquired companies, gotten closer to its customers, developed the infrastructure to provide service locally, and worked to keep its Japan competitors local.  As a result, Japan now accounts for fully 17 percent of its global sales.  Executives of companies large and small can learn alot from the story of Entegris in Japan.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Development Bank of Japan sees renewed activity in auto parts, semiconductors and service industries; For financial firms, hiring is robust in key areas; Etc.

From the Editors

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