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Highlights: June 2003 Issue

"We Changed Before the Typhoon": The Benetton Japan Story

When Italian fashion apparel marketer Benetton set out to re-organize its distribution in Japan during the late 1990s, and lessen its dependence on department stores, it had no idea how perfect its foresight would turn out to be.  Today Benetton is a healthy brand in Japan, focused on simply providing good value and being profitable, with a fully-controlled supply chain, a wide variety of Japanese licensees, and a wide range of store types and locations.  Benetton's Japan president explains the company's approach, and what the company's goals are over the coming years.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Japan Discovers Intellectual Property" (Part One)

There’s a new attitude in Japan towards intellectual property and how it can be used for competitive advantage. Ten years ago, business agreements, not lawsuits, resolved disputes, and Japan's rising tide lifted all boats.  But now patents, brand names and copyrights are all being scrutinized for hidden value.  This first of a two-part specialist article addresses the domestic and global pressures facing Japanese companies in a variety of industries, and the strategic, business, and operational measures they are taking.

An E-Commerce Success Story: ValueCommerce Japan

Not that many people are aware of how strongly e-commerce is growing in Japan.   But ValueCommerce is.  The company, which raised venture capital from such illustrious institutions as JAFCO, Sumitomo and Marubeni, experienced 67 percent growth in 2002 on the back of focused execution and a growing network of about 1000 merchants and 80,000 affiliates.  And now that mobile e-commerce is a reality, the company expects even greater opportunities going forward.  The company's president explains the variety of services it offers, and how taking a fee on transactions is just one way it makes money.  What's next?  

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Recruitment firm Korn Ferry's view on corporate leadership, governance, and the changing executive job market in Japan; A new network marketing company joins the already-crowded Japan field this month; Etc.

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