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Highlights: June 2002 Issue

Berlitz Japan: As Japan Internationalizes, It's Ready

Berlitz, originally a Western brand and now owned by a Japanese company, is prepared for Japan's internationalization.  "Demand for our services is very strong," claims a senior Japan executive.  The company has a plan to expand to more than 120 locations across Japan in the next four years -- it already has 53 domestic locations.  What does it take to grow an established service brand in such a fragmented industry as language training?  Our profile explains the Berlitz approach.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons Managed by Anime Whiz-Kids?: Japan's Management Lessons in China

So much of the success of Japan’s manufacturing industries depends on being able to wring productivity improvements out of their low-cost Chinese manufacturing operations. But in developing software, it’s not just about low-cost, but also managing a creative process and giving respect to knowledge workers who have numerous other opportunities and only work for companies which value their creative input. Our writer this month offers first-hand lessons from one company that has learned how to manage in China by understanding how to supervise and train elite Chinese knowledge workers. The lessons are applicable to many industries that are increasingly looking to China for manufacturing and development.

Applied Materials Japan: A Sales Office for Each Customer

The global semiconductor equipment industry is ailing, and that means chip equipment suppliers like Applied Materials need to develop other sources of revenues while they wait for the chip market to fully recover.   In Japan, AMJ has set out on a deliberate strategy to provide more services to customers, help them increase their efficiency, and allow them to focus more on their core competencies.  Japan's semiconductor industry is changing, and AMJ is changing with it.  AMJ's Chairman explains its approach.

Japan Insight: Japanese Company Histories May Offer an Advantage

Japanese executives can be easily flattered when the rare foreign executive takes the time to study and learn about the company's history and strategy.   Here's why it might be useful for your company to take advantage of published Japanese corporate histories, unique resources of Japanese business culture.  They're maintained by several different institutions both in and outside of Japan, and we explain how to access them.

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