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Highlights: February 2008 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: The Pharmacy Business in Japan

Expansion in the number of drug-dispensing drugstores, as well as a methodical pace of acquisitions of small drugstore chains by larger chains that have emerged — primarily influenced by recent government policy changes easing the distribution of generic drugs — are creating a new and dynamic market in Japan's pharmacy business. And would-be entrants into Japan’s medical system, both foreign and domestic, are watching closely.  Our Special Report explains which firms are really committed to winning share in this market -- and which are giving up -- as generic drugs are set to add dynamism to a previously staid Japanese drug sector.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "How Japanese Citizens' Groups Use the Internet"

"Actually, the Internet is generating more work for us than it saves!" The public relations officer of a small Japanese non-profit organization used to be responsible for the newsletter and contacts with members and supporters. In addition to his normal workload, and with some professional help, he had recently built up a website and started to put the newsletter online. "Many more people contact us by e-mail now, and I have to answer them."

A rare inside look at the progress, and lack of progress, within the management of Japan's hundreds of thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), comes to readers this month from a specialist in the area.

Seeking to Thrive as a Niche Imported Japan: The Ford Japan Story

No longer concerned with winning major market share in Japan or revisiting the automotive trade wars of the 1980s, Ford Japan has a quiet new, and surprisingly successful, strategy in Japan.   With a focus on those who appreciate America, US culture and the icons of US lifestyle, Ford Japan is stabilizing its small but consistent Japan business.  The company's Japan chief discusses the details of the auto company's Japan approach in this exclusive profile.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Microsoft’s Yahoo! Bid Could Shake Things Up in Japan -- Here's Our Exclusive In-Depth Analysis of How Microsoft, Yahoo! and Softbank Japan, and Their Local Competitors, Might Act in the Coming Months; Etc.

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