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Highlights: February 2007 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Money Management and Hedge Funds in Japan: The Importance of Establishing an Equity Culture

Another still-missing ingredient to creating an 'equity culture' in Japan lies in the difficulty of expanding its domestic money management industry beyond its traditional base with staid financial institutions to become its own stand-alone business, complete with a vibrant and qualified group of independent money managers.   In this Special Report, we explore the market, environmental and regulatory issues of Japan's money management and emerging hedge fund industries, and what it might take to truly establish an 'equity culture' in Japan.  New M&A regulations in Japan effective in April, 2007 will likely not be sufficient on their own.

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Companies and topics mentioned and discussed in our Special Report include: Japan leveraged leases (JLL), Angel Japan Asset Management, Sparx Asset Management, Whitney Japan hedge funds, Investment Advisors Law, Fortis Japan, Atsumi & Partners, Financial Services Agency (FSA), Trust Business Law, Japan Leasing Association, STB Leasing, Sumitomo/Mitsubishi Lease, Diamond Lease, IPOs, trust beneficial interests, Money Lending Business Law, hedge funds, M&A, JGBs, 'Big Bang', Yamaichi Securities, equity culture, online trading.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Increased Activity in Senior Housing -- But Will Foreigners Notice?"

Japan's senior housing industry has blossomed in the past year, according to our specialist this month, who tracks the industry and its newest players.  Still though, non-Japanese real estate investors and service providers still do not seem fully aware of the considerable opportunity that various Japanese companies have already embraced.  Read this important article exploring the activity of nearly a dozen important players in senior housing in Japan, including real estate companies, service firms, and entrants from unrelated industries, as only our specialist's exclusive viewpoint allows.

Encouraging Efficiency in Routine Medical Practices: The Smiths Medical Japan Story

From mayaku torishimari hou (Japan Nacotics Control Law) to more mundane efforts to upgrade the medical practices used by Japanese physicians in such specialties as emergency care, anesthesiology, sleep medicine and pain management, Smiths Medical Japan sees alot of opportunity in the less modern sectors of Japan's healthcare system.   And it has a plan to double its Japan business in the next few years.   Practitioners and executives focused on intensive care, post-operative care, diabetes, ambulatory pumps, narcotics and other critical care delivery issues in Japan will not want to miss this article..

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Circuit City Hoping Its New Chairman Can Follow Predecessor onto Board of Super-Elite Japanese Golf Club; Captive Supplier to Kawasaki Heavy Industries Exemplifies Trend; Etc.

From the Editors

Japanese Companies to be the Big Winners in any Stock Exchange Mergers...

Plus much more...

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