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Highlights: February 2006 Issue

Finally, the Year It's Been Waiting For: The Nihon Schering Story

Although it has long been active in Japan, Nihon Schering has not achieved the size that other foreign pharmaceutical firms, such as Pfizer, Roche, Novartis and Merck, have achieved here, even after making a major acquisition of Mitsui Pharma in 2000 and rationalizing its product line.  But with this year's expected approvals and submissions, plus another six clinical trials heavily weighted towards oncology and specialized therapeutics treatments set to begin, the year 2006 could be the year Nihon Schering starts to make people stand up and take notice of its drug portfolio.  The company's head of Japan R&D and medical director tells all about what excites him about the company's near-term prospects.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "How Companies Are Reacting to Japan's New Privacy Law"

Since a package of new privacy laws were enacted in Japan last year, ministries are essentially in charge of overseeing regulation of data privacy in their particular industries.  This introduces a whole new set of complex management challenges to companies in financial services, online marketing, consumer products and other industries.  Our specialist contributor, a researcher of privacy issues in Japan, highlights some of his first-hand research into ways that Japanese and foreign companies are adapting their organizations and processes to comply with the new data privacy law.

Just Four Large Customers: The Teradyne Japan Story

Semiconductor test equipment maker Teradyne is pursuing structural growth in Japan and the company's Japan general manager claims the company is growing 30-40 percent in the local market this year.  A new product portfolio helps immensely.  So do major product launches such as Sony's Playstation 3 that require high volume testing.  Leading integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) in Japan may have to better understand Teradyne's new offerings compared to those of established incumbents like Advantest and Agilent.  Japan is not going to disappear as a center of high-tech manufacturing, and Teradyne has plans to be part of it.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Japan's citizens' groups (including nin'i dantai, shimin dantai, rojin kai, chonai kai and jichi kai) become more active; Etc.

From the Editors

Softbank Revisited...

Plus much more...

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