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Highlights: February 2005 Issue

Revlon Japan: After a V-Shaped Recovery, What Next?

After three years of strong growth, Revlon Japan has finally reached a point where it can consider how to add to its business.  Entering Japan in 1963, Revlon experienced some heady growth but ran into deep trouble during the 1990s when its strategy of relying on Japanese department stores for distribution caused it to lose touch with Japanese consumers who were increasingly shopping elsewhere.  Now it's adding SKUs, sharpening its distribution, and considering adding new products as a top mass-market cosmetics brand.   Revlon Japan's president discusses very frankly his company's direction in this very revealing company profile.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "What China's Rising Network Entertainment Industry Means for Japan" (Part One)

As Japan’s gaming industry looks abroad, especially to China, for new customers, creative ideas and business models, it also must face new realities. In Part One of a two-part discussion of business issues facing foreign videogame makers in China, our specialist contributor, a former industry staffer and academic with close ties to the industry, discusses what Japanese gaming executives are really saying about their China concerns.

A Different Kind of Online Marketing Firm Comes to Japan

When it comes to online marketing, Claria is either a godsend or the devil incarnate, depending on who you're asking.  While it claims to be a permission-based marketer, it has run into controversy on a number of occasions, as computer users, marketers, competitors and other online publishers have at various times questioned its business methods.  Now nearly a year after entering Japan, Claria is beginning to land business from brand-name companies seeking a new way of reaching consumers online.  And it seems to be very effective.  Claria Japan's Asia Pacific General Manager discusses the company, its objectives in Japan and how it plans to reach them.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Tegal Japan looks to future technology as a specialist provider of plasma etch systems and deposition tools used in making integrated circuits; Etc.

From the Editors

Japan's business press is not aggressive enough...

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