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Highlights: February 2003 Issue

Invitrogen Japan: A Gateway to Government-Funded Opportunities

Sometimes a policy objective of the Japanese government can provide a very attractive opportunity for the properly-positioned foreign company.  The case of Invitrogen is an example.  Not only is it experiencing strong growth in Japan sales of molecular biology and cell culture research kits, tools and reagents, but it receives direct Japanese government funding for its effort to set up its proprietary technology as the operating system for functional genomics in Japan.  This profile is required reading for all who seek to understand the opportunities presented by Japan's life science research spending boom.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "How Japan's Managers in China Ensure the Sharing of Corporate Values" (Part One)

The legend of Japanese-style management, lauded all over the world just more than a decade ago, may be dead, but there are more than a few examples of Japanese companies setting a new standard for how to manage production subsidiaries in China.  Our specialist this month discusses some of the trends and offers examples of companies that have learned how to maximize the advantages of China's increasingly talented workforce.

Positioning for More Intense Competition: The Avaya Japan Story

Even though Avaya is a descendent of AT&T and Lucent Technologies, which are well-known names in Japan, in many ways it encounters problems similar to those of any relatively unknown software or hardware firm that seeks to gain traction in Japan's enormous enterprise market.  This is a must read for managers of technology firms who are interested in growing their business in Japan.  Avaya Japan's president explains how it is positioning itself to grow significantly, even in the face of more intense competition.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Trend towards family workplace programs at Toyota and other firms offers opportunities for service firms; More on the mechanics of municipal mergers, and what happens when citizen groups oppose them; Etc.

From the Editors

Where Are They Now?

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