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Highlights: December 1998 Issue

MBIA-Ambac: Positioning for Future Growth

MBIA-Ambac International, along with its competitors FSA and FGIC, are positioning themselves to take advantage of major changes in Japan's capital markets and the growth of asset securitization.  But how does an entity which itself is a joint venture manage when it partners with rival insurance companies (Mitsui and Yasuda) from different keiretsu?  Answer is -- It can get very interesting.

Howmet: Majority Stake Allows Control of Technology and Investment

When Howmet, a unit of Cordant Technologies, exercised its option to increase its stake in its Komatsu joint venture to 81 percent, it was able to take over management, introduce proprietary technology, and yet remain a Japanese company in many important respects.  Komatsu-Howmet, Ltd. president Roger Hambleton explains why it's important to be foreign and Japanese at the same time.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Cracks in the System: New Impact for Foreigners on Japanese Policy"

Japanese government officials are searching for new solutions to persistent problems.  Foreigners can influence Japanese policy by involving themselves in the debate.  The author, a former ACCJ Executive Director, tells how to lobby directly in Japan.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

An exclusive compendium of comments and insight about markets in Japan from leading academic researchers attending the American Marketing Association's Japan Distribution Strategy conference.

Japan Observer

A Street View of Tokyo yields many ideas.

Plus much more...

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