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Highlights: December 2008 Issue

Deal Update: As Always, Japan Is a Bit Different

What is happening in Japan appears to be different in several key respects.   First, because a relatively greater proportion of Japan deals may have been real-estate-related in some respect, firms with all or most of their activity in that sector may be affected out of proportion to other sectors.

Secondly, to the extent that Japan’s securitization laws and other regulations required more capital to be invested at each of the various tranches of a deal, or as equity in each special-purpose company involved in it, the amounts that investors may need to mark down, or ‘unwind’, a deal, may be less.

And third, although deals involving foreign parties (defined broadly, not just if the target or the acquirer is non-Japanese) have represented a high proportion of overall activity in recent years, Japan now better understands the process of deal-making. And this means that Japan could see strictly domestic deal-making rise not only as a proportion of overall activity, but also in absolute terms.

This deal update focuses on more than a dozen recent key deals and their significance for Japan.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Ideas for Training Your Japan Salesforce"

All too often, it seems that unstructured, frenetic sales activity is considered the Holy Grail of successful selling. But in Japan, it is not.  To train your Japan salesforce to achieve your company's objectives requires understanding Japanese culture, business traditions, as well as the capabilities of your sales team.  This month our specialist contributor, the former head of a major management training organization in Japan, provides some tips and advice for how to optimize results from your sales staff, regardless of whether your company's team in Japan is large or small.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Ajinomoto Details Strategy; Xinhua Finance Remains on Mothers; Cost Causes More Foreign Companies to De-List in Japan; Bo Cutter, Old Japan Hand, Advising Obama; ‘Obama Bonds Coming to Japan?

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