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Highlights: December 2007 Issue

How to Make Adhesives and Haircare a Winning Combination?: The Henkel Japan Story

Dusseldorf, Germany-based Henkel KGaA is one of the world’s leading household products makers, with diverse brands including Pritt glue sticks, Right Guard deodorant, Schwarzkopf professional hair products and Loctite adhesives.  In Japan, their success has largely gone unnoticed, but their plans for growth are realistic and close-to-the-ground.   Just look at their local partners, for example, which include Dainihon Jochugiku, Cemedine, Lion Corporation, Nihon Parkerizing and Kokuyo.  Henkel seems to understand very well how to navigate its unique offerings in Japan in its various sectors, and should serve as an example for non-Japanese consumer products and industrial firms hoping to mimic their progress.

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A Specialist Offers Advice: "Solutions for Non-Japanese Engineers Working with Japanese"

Working globally, business relationships cut across both time zones and cultures. Not understanding some key differences can spell disaster for your company.

For example, increasing numbers of Westerners are working closely with Japanese in technical settings — as engineers working for Japanese companies, or as suppliers to Japanese customers. As a consultant to Japanese and non-Japanese engineering teams, our specialist contributor this issue has seen first-hand how differences in teamwork styles can frustrate both parties and kill productivity. Help your engineers identify and respect these differences, so that they can respond in ways that work for your business to keep your Japanese customers, suppliers, and even managers, happy.

Wholesale Bank Makes Households a Priority: The Standard Chartered Japan Story

A bank that has made its name for over a century as a bank to other banks, trading companies and corporations is moving into the private wealth management business.  And Japan is a key new focus, for  reasons obvious to anyone who looks at the market -- households here have substantial assets in low-yielding bank accounts ready for re-allocation to higher yielding alternatives.  Standard Chartered' long-time Japan chief speaks specifically about the opportunity and his bank's strategy for cherry-picking the best customers while staying below the radar of the world's name-brand firms.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Hedge Fund DB Zwirn Invests in Japan; Sudden Death of Skadden Japan Partner Raises Questions; Etc.

From the Editors

You Can't Listen to the Bankers...

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