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Highlights: December 2005 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Japan's Senior Housing Market

A wide variety of Japanese companies and foundations are increasing their hunt for good properties, and their construction of new living space for seniors, in the wake of growing demand.  Meanwhile, goverment policy-makers are offering increased support for the concept.  Years after US-based Beverly and Emeritus sold or abandoned their interests in senior living facilities in Japan, a variety of new companies and private equity funds, including Nomura, Tokyu Land, Mitsubishi, Mitsui Fudosan, Orix, Goodwill Group, and even DBJ, are investing in the sector.  Finally, it seems, operating residences for seniors in Japan may be a business with good prospects beyond the affluent.  In this Special Report, Beverly and Emeritus executives recall the lessons they learned by perhaps entering the Japanese market too soon, while the overall direction of this important real estate and senior market is reviewed closely for the benefit of companies that are only now entering.  If your company is interested in real estate, senior living, Japan's medical system reforms or property-based M&A, our special feature is an essential read.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Effective Selling Techniques in Japan"

Sales, sales, sales.   We hear over and again from subscribers about how critical it is to have the ability to make and close sales in Japan.  Having the right sales force offering the right product at the right price is very often still not enough to close a sale in Japan, despite the widespread adoption of globalized sales practices at many firms.  In this specialist focus, our contributor, a consultant with broad experience working with both Japanese and non-Japanese companies on their management practices, spells out what works in Japan and offers a refresher on how to optimize Japan sales.  Indeed, Moretsu shain is no longer de rigeur.  Even global firms with established marketing programs and field sales forces in Japan will benefit from the insight this exclusive primer provides.

After Toshiba, It's Back to Being Small: The Electrolux Japan Story

Why does the world's second-largest market account for less than 0.5 percent of global appliance giant Electrolux's worldwide sales?  Because the company has scuttled its much-ballyhooed joint venture with Toshiba and is now focused on building its own business in kitchens and baths with a direct model that's small yet profitable.   Our articles features Electrolux's Japan head speaking frankly about his company's various Japan product lines,  including its retail distribution partnership with a leading firm, as he describes his hopes for overall growth in the coming years.   Electrolux Japan may not figure to be a big player today against Japan's local white goods giants or foreign firms like Dyson, but it doesn't plan to be small for too long.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Tower Automotive Japan focuses on liaison, looks to Asia; Measuring Japanese companies by their foreign patents; Etc.

From the Editors

A Secretive Billionaire Investing in Japan...

Plus much more...

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