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Highlights: December 2002 Issue

Haemonetics Japan: It's Nice to Have One Big Customer

One company dominates the market for blood collection systems and supplies in Japan.  And its single largest customer comprises 85 percent of its Japan business.   As it seeks new growth in its surgical business to supplement its dominance of blood collection, Haemonetics sees plenty of opportunity in Japan.  And while it's nice to have such a large customer, keeping that customer happy sometimes means having to make some major accomodations and adjustments in the way it conducts business in Japan.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Land Contamination in Japan: An Investor's Guide"

Japan's environmental regulatory emphasis is likely to change significantly over the next few years.  As our specialist this month describes, landowners, tenants, investors, speculators and anyone else working to take advantage of Japan's commercial, industrial and residential real estate market opportunities will soon have to consider new land contamination and reclamation requirements in their purchasing or investing decisions.

A Mix of Clients, A Combination of Styles: The TBWA Japan Story

When we first profiled TBWA Advertising in November, 1998, it had just purchased an 81 percent stake in Nippo Advertising, a Nissan affiliate which at the time was Japan's fifteenth-largest ad agency.  It's always instructive to look back and, knowing something of a firm's plans, see if it all turned out as expected.  TBWA Japan now combines a mix of Japanese and Western styles, staff and management, and a combination of Nippo's old clients and TBWA's global ones.  But will the firm be able to achieve its stated goal to be the #1 creative agency in Japan?

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Proposed Merger of Sakai and Takaishi Cities Isn't Automatic -- Municipal Mergers in Question; Web Strategist Moves On -- Sign of a Japan Internet Market Bottom?; Etc.

From the Editors

The Situation is Different Outside of Tokyo...

Plus much more...

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