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Highlights: August 2008 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: What's Next for Japan's Real Estate Market?

We review the state of Japan's real estate market and focus on players who may not be as credit-constrained as the J-REITs and over-ambitious funds who we read about all the time.

Indeed, Japan's real estate market is set for a different kind of growth trajectory, based on fundamentals, re-development, improved efficiency of corporate real estate holdings, and government asset sales that are gear up in earnest.  As usual, we report with a focus on facts, not hype or panic.

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Industry Focus: Expert Networks Are Coming to Japan

The so-called ‘expert networks’ are coming to Japan. But is Japan ready to embrace them?

Expert network companies seek to match industry insiders directly to institutional investors and hedge funds willing to pay a premium to find out very specific pricing, cost, supply, marketing and engineering information that they can use to make better stock market bets.  One leading expert network provider already has an office in Tokyo working fervently to line up Japan experts in the medical and health markets.  We discuss all the leading expert network firms and how they may have to adjust their business model to gain a critical mass of the right kind of experts in Japan.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Selections from the Best Academic Research on Japan's Companies and Industries" (Part Two)

In the second of a two-part "A Specialist Offers Advice" section (Part One appeared in the May issue), we continue presenting excerpts from a select group of the more thought-provoking academic papers recently published on Japan business topics by scholars all over the world.  Most contain well-documented research into issues we know to be of interest to you, our subscribers.  Included in this issue: Japanese Companies' Use of Stock Options; How Japanese Films Come Together; Employment Services in Japan; Millennium Organizations; Effects of Inbound M&A; Auto Parts Suppliers; and Western Actors in Japanese TV Ads Now Acting Japanese.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Engineered Blue-Fin Tuna Must Still Pass the Taste Test; Sakai City’s Solar Power Plant Puts It on the Map – Finally; Etc.

From the Editors

Will Japan Face Foreclosure Problems?

Plus much more...

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