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Highlights: August 2003 Issue

Special Report: Direct Marketing in Japan

In Japan, direct marketing approaches have grown to become a key part of many companies' marketing mix, supplementing and sometimes even replacing traditional media.  No longer does success in Japan solely depend on a company's willingness to spend massively on general advertising.  In this Special Report, Japan direct marketers weigh in on trends in the market and the utility of various direct marketing and online marketing methods.   How can your company put direct marketing to good use in Japan?

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Japan Discovers Intellectual Property" (Part Two)

There’s a new attitude in Japan towards intellectual property (IP) and how it can be used for competitive advantage. Ten years ago, business agreements, not lawsuits, resolved disputes, and Japan's rising tide lifted all boats.  But now patents, brand names and copyrights are all being scrutinized for hidden value.  In this second of a two-part specialist article, the author describes the urgent movement to activate a new IP system, as government entitites, universities and corporate researchers all adjust to new realities.

Enabling Commerce: The BEA Systems Japan Story

In a country in which companies and government agencies are rapidly introducing software and technology to improve productivity, BEA Systems has alot of potential.   Its products act as an 'engine' for a variety of mission-critical enterprise applications.  Having been in Japan only since 1996, the company now works with over fifty partners and distributors, and it has seen good progress.  BEA's Japan sales director describes its objectives in Japan, and how it works to ensure that each user's specific needs are met.  

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Advantage Partners prepares for a rosy private equity future; Osaka prefecture hires outside firm to help attract foreign investment; Etc.

From the Editors

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