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Highlights: August 2002 Issue

Reebok Japan: "A Work in Progress"

In 2000, a new emphasis was placed on Japan growth by Reebok corporate executives, as they realized that global competitors Nike and Adidas were both making inroads in the country, the largest piece of an estimated $20 billion Asia/Pacific retail footwear market.  This, after a fretful 1999, during which Reebok's Japan staff was reduced and excess inventory was written off.  Now Reebok's Japan emphasis is on marketing, building the brand name, introducing new products, and expanding distribution.   "We have alot of work to do," explains the president of the Reebok brand in our lengthy profile of Reebok in Japan.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Power of Motivation, Japanese Style"

Based upon recent research, it would appear that Japanese workers and managers alike have begun the long process of shedding old dependencies and are now placing greater emphasis on their own priorities, says our contributor this month, managing partner of a leading Japanese human resources consultancy.  This suggests that, although employees will likely struggle through cutbacks and layoffs for several more years, they are already getting accustomed to thinking in ways that reward productivity and, ultimately, profits. However, tapping into these motivations to create a highly energized, focused and committed workforce is no easy task.

Perkin Elmer Instruments Japan: It's All Product and Market Focus

Boston, US-based Perkin Elmer (PE) provides industrial products and services in the area of life sciences, opto-electronics and analytical instruments to a wide variety of industries, including telecom, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and photographic companies in 125 countries.  Despite a steep drop in industrial production in Japan over the last two years and a 20 percent drop in its core market, PE Instruments' 2001 Japan sales increased 28 percent, with 2002 Japan sales also rising sharply.  Here's why.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

A UK-based commercial kitchen waste disposal services firm seeks a master licensor in Japan; a leading US competitor to Hewitt and Watson Wyatt explores Japan market entry; SSJ contributor's book explains Japan's mobile internet market.

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