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Highlights: August 2001 Issue

Special Report: The Financial Health of Corporate Japan

With so much attention now focused on which Koizumi reforms are really required to reform Japan's economy, we went directly to ask someone who evaluates the strategy and performance of specific Japanese corporations every day.  The Director of Corporate Ratings at Standard & Poor’s Japan offers his views on whether Japan's managers are ready for and actively engaging in real restructuring.  He shares what he knows about Japanese corporates' financial sophistication, systems, accounting standards, credit trends, and the overall current state of corporate Japan’s financial health.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "A Japan Acquisition That (Luckily) Never Closed" (Part Two)

This second part of our specialist's two-part article about an acquisition abandoned because of employee compensation and benefit issues offers a rare, inside look at some of the ‘brass tacks’ issues that companies often consider during such a process. Readers who have not participated in such a process may find some of our contributor's notes to his client, included in this article, rather harsh in their tone and intent. Nevertheless, the notes demonstrate the complexity of the many issues acquiring executives face in evaluating a potential acquisition in Japan, and should not be construed as anything but a competent professional’s best advice to an important client..

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Japan's internet cafes offer an inexpensive sampling and product research opportunity; Business Indicator: Which executives are flying to Japan these days? -- It might surprise you; St. Jude Medical seeks continued growth; Japan was just a way station to greater responsibilities for these executives.

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