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Highlights: April 2006 Issue

SPECIAL REPORT: Management Turmoil and Union Revolt at Pfizer Japan

The recent management turmoil caused by a successful union rebellion at Pfizer Japan holds many management lessons for the executives of companies in Japan, and those who work with them and study them.  We've got the whole story of what happened at Pfizer Japan, including the views of insiders who know the details.  And we also discuss what some of the alternative courses of action for Japan management and Pfizer might have been, had they chosen a different course.

Let us assure you that Nikkei and the other Japanese media organizations do not have the sources to tell the story of what really went on. We know this because key people who did not speak with Nikkei and the trade magazines spoke only with us. Only SUCCESS STORIES: JAPAN Executive Newsletter has the detailed story of events leading up to the debacle, the debacle itself, and lessons to be learned in its aftermath.

Because of the sensitive nature of this story, we cannot post further details here.  Contact us directly to learn more about this amazing (and tragic) story.  The lessons Pfizer learned the hard way are ones that you can learn simply by subscribing and reading this story.  And if you get nothing else from subscribing, this feature alone will likely prove worth the price of an entire year's subscription.  Don't miss this Special Report!  

A Specialist Offers Advice: "The Evolution of 'Japan-Style M&A'" (Part One)

In recent years, Japanese companies have become more savvy and active in using M&A.  In the process, traditional 'Japanese-style M&A' practices are starting to evolve into their modern form, complete with Western buzzwords and a mix of overt and covert ways of approaching and negotiating with targets.  In Part One of a two-part specialist contribution, our writer, a specialist practitioner of M&A in Japan and a leader in identifying key emerging trends in deal styles and structures, offers his opinion on how we got to this point.  And what comes next for strategic buyers, private equity players, and the many local firms which are just beginning to join the party.

Ready Again to Rise in Japan, and With a Merger Partner Now, Too: The Lucent Japan Story

We spoke with the head of Lucent Japan just two weeks prior ot the first hints of its possible merger with France's Alcatel.  So here is the story of Lucent Japan, already positioning itself to regain some local market momentum, and what a combined Alcatel and Lucent might look like in Japan.  Alcatel Japan's partnerships with Itochu, Yahoo BB (video-over-DSL), Sumitomo Electric (in fiber), Mitsubishi Electric (satellites), KDDI (submarine cable), Fujitsu (a key supplier to NTT DoCoMo), NTTPC are all mentioned, as is the strategy of Lucent Japan as offered by former NTT and NTT DoCoMo executive Satoshi Fujii, now the head of Lucent Japan. 

From the Editors

Relationships Good and Bad...

Plus much more...

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