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Highlights: April 2005 Issue

A Small Company Helps Bring Choice in Commercial Interiors

One small company in Japan has a wide view on trends in commercial interiors, marketing, real estate, school and hospital construction, eldercare, entertainment and the cinema business.  That firm is Innovasia, a privately-held US based importer of fabrics used in furniture as well as in the construction of acoustic interiors in cinemas, hotels and many types of buildings.  With more than two-thirds of its global sales in Japan, the company is a keen observer of market trends and opportunities for itself as well as other small companies.  Kokuyo, Kurogane Kosakusho, Itoki Crebio, Okamura, Takano, Kotobuki, Milliken, Steelcase, Warner Brothers Mycal, AMC, Toho, Toei, Korona Group, Nikken Sekkei, Tokyo Sincol, Sangetsu, Fujie Textile, and Plus Corporation are among the companies mentioned.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "A Smorgasboard of Things to Know If You're Running a Firm in Japan" (Part One)

In Part One of the first-ever three-part contribution to the A Specialist Offers Advice column in our history, our contributor, a long-time consultant on labor, compensation and workforce issues in Japan, focuses on the topic of retirement benefits.  Parts Two and Three will focus on Japan's administrative legal process for labor issues, flextime, overtime, compensation and more than a few other subjects.  We encourage readers to let us know their view and thoughts on each part.

Tecan Japan: A Business That is Ninety Percent Custom

The story of Tecan Japan is the story of every small biotech equipment and re-agent supplier in Japan.  And that includes Qiagen, Hamilton Health Sciences, Beckman Coulter, Perkin Elmer, Thermo Electron, Caliper Life Sciences, Cosmotech, Biotek, Precision System Science, Sysmex, Hitachi Life Science, Nichiryo, Sias AG, BioRad, Gilson, Tomtec, Fuji, Toshiba, Molecular Devices and many others.  Tecan has a few secrets for winning new business in this fragmented market, including the way it works with distributors and the manner in which it compensates them.  Any small company that relies on distributors for sales and relationships in Japan, or that competes in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry, will learn alot from Tecan Japan's story.

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Could Hartford Japan Be Having Trouble?; JustSystem to Launch XFY in This Place at This Time; Etc.

From the Editors

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