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Highlights: April 2004 Issue

Mobile, Telematics and Beyond: The Qualcomm Japan Story

"We want to be the brains of Qualcomm's entire global operation," says the president of Qualcomm Japan.  Trying to move beyond its bread-and-butter CDMA communications technology used in mobile phones, Qualcomm seeks to support communications capabilities in a variety of other emerging applications, including telematics.  And Japan is one place where Qualcomm goes to great pains to extend its relationships with innovative software developers and dominant game and device makers for just that purpose. Those following Japan's mobile market should read this profile and understand how Qualcomm views its Japan opportunity (hint: its more than just working with KDDI).

A Specialist Offers Advice: "Diary of an Acquisition Integration" (Part Two)

Downsizing is tricky.   In Japan it can be even trickier.  And then, when a Japan downsizing is to be accomplished while combining two firms with different cultures and different employee benefits, a firm must really be careful.  In this second of a two-part series, our specialist opines on many of the business as well as cultural issues involved in integrating the Japan subsidiaries of a US unit with that of a European firm it was acquiring.  Issues of competition among regional executives of the acquiror, as well as between the heads of the two Japanese units being combined, are all set out in this tale of an actual transaction in which the author himself was involved as a consultant to the parent of the US firm.

Good Government Relations and HR Systems: The Becton Dickinson Story

Japan's health sector is known for being heavily regulated.  Beyond a government-run national health insurance program, government ministries and other agencies are heavily involved in the pension, hospital, pharmaceutical, medical device and social welfare markets.  So it pays to think like Becton Dickinson, which has promoted itself as a purveyor of good health and as an overall upstanding corporate citizen in Japan.  Japan's government appreciates that, in more ways than are immediately obvious...

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

US style guru considers entering Japan; Incubator believes small companies have quite alot of potential; Take another look at second-tier B2B e-commerce sites; Etc.

From the Editors

A good start to marketing Japan FDI...

Plus much more...

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