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Highlights: April 2002 Issue

Guidant Japan: At the Right Time

.Guidant Japan earns nearly ten percent of its revenue in Japan, and according to its president, has experienced average annual growth of 23 percent in the country over the past ten years.  Here's a story you'll want to read -- as Japan seeks medical innovation and cost savings, medical device companies like Guidant are in the right market at the right time, and taking full advantage.

Special Report: Desire for Foreign Investment Brings Japan to New York

For more than two decades, non-Japanese ranging from CEOs and bankers to technology entrepreneurs and small business owners have headed to Japan to introduce themselves and their ideas to Japanese investors.  So it's more than a little noteworthy when, twice in one month, Japan makes its case for foreign investment at two conferences in the world's money capital, New York City.   From Wilbur Ross and General Motors Asia head Rudy Schlais to NTT DoCoMo USA President Nobuharu Ono and Ripplewood's Tim Collins, they all showed up.  We report.

A Specialist Offers Advice: "What's Next for Japan's Pharmaceutical Industry? -- Lessons from Taisho-Tanabe" (Part Two)

The recent announcement of the Roche-Chugai merger may have triggered buzz about consolidation in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry, but the collapse of the Taisho-Tanabe merger holds poignant lessons for Western executives contemplating M&A in Japan. In the second of a two-part series, our specialist addresses problems Taisho and Tanabe faced from an internal rather than strategic perspective.  The lessons to be learned have relevance far beyond the pharmaceutical industry.

Schenker Japan: "It's Important to Be Stronger Here"

With strength in automotive logistics and a parent company (Stinnes AG) with 30,000 employees, German transportation company Schenker is well-suited to expansion in Japan.  This month it linked its Japan business with that of Seino Transportation, the country's fourth largest domestic delivery firm, and seeks to continue the slow but steady growth it has experienced in Japan since it was founded in the 1970s.  We interview a key executive and discuss the various aspects of its strategy. 

Japan Insight: Get the Scoop

Web integrator Ion Global shifts its focus; Cigarette marketing Japan-style benefits from few regulations; Starbucks competitor still seeks joint venture partner in Japan; Etc.

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